» ADI - Associazione per il disegno industriale per il Concorso Capucci per i giovani designer
» Milano, Palazzo Morando: Mostra / evento "Roberto Capucci per i giovani designer. Oltre (a)gli abiti - Il design prende una nuova piega"


The event “Roberto Capucci for young designers. Beyond clothes – Design takes a new turn” will take place during the 2013 Milan’s “Salone del Mobile” Show (9-14 April 2013).

Selected creations will be exposed together with 50 original sketches of Roberto Capucci and with the clothes indicated as inspiration for the young stylists.

This will be an important occasion for young designers to let many design companies know their talent and works. Winners will be announced during the first night of the event.

The prizes are:

  • 1° place E. 5.000,00
  • 2° place E. 3.000,00
  • 3° place E. 2.000,00


To the best work realized by a designer who lives in Lombardia the railway company TreNord will offer an annual pass for the whole regional railway.