» ADI - Associazione per il disegno industriale per il Concorso Capucci per i giovani designer
» Milano, Palazzo Morando: Mostra / evento "Roberto Capucci per i giovani designer. Oltre (a)gli abiti - Il design prende una nuova piega"


“Moda e Modi” Association ( and its online magazine IMORE ( will organize the event “Roberto Capucci… Beyond clothes – Design takes a new turn”, which will take place during the 2013 Milan’s “Salone del Mobile” Show , where 20 original sketches and several Capucci’s sculpture dresses will be shown. The exposition is being held at Palazzo Morando Moda Immagine Costume, Via Sant’Andrea 6 Milano.

Together with the exhibition, the Association launches a contest starting on April 2012, which has the same name of the event, where young and talented designers or fashion students will realize creations inspired by Capucci’s clothes: selected creations will be shown next to the sketches and to the sculpture dresses during the 2013 Milan’s “Salone del Mobile” Show.

Participants will be selected through an announcement (see below), addressed to young Italian or international designers (18-35 years old) and to students of  Italian and international design schools;  they will be judged by a committee chaired by Roberto Capucci.

Participants could create their models inspired by Capucci’s clothes, feeling free in the use of materials and work techniques. Every project should be inspired by clothes beyond all doubt.

The final exhibition will be open not only to qualified fashion and design workers but also, and above all, to general public, in order to investigate the close relationship between fashion and design.

The Association “Moda e Modi”, in cooperation with the Roberto Capucci’s Foundation, will look after the event. Some business partners coming from fashion and design will be also there, in order to help organizing and promoting the event.

Relevance of the event
 The event wants to investigate the close relationship between fashion and design, confronting traditions and modern possibility.
The exhibition may become a match point between different ways of creativity, stimulating young talents to confront themselves and to grow together.
The exhibition will be also very important for the city of Milan in order to prove that collaboration between fashion, crafts and design could produce a lot of creative possibilities.
There will be people interested in design but also in fashion, due to Roberto Capucci’s dresses, which will add prestige to the entire event.

Because of its importance, the event will take place in one of the historical buildings of Milan. The event is part of some other initiatives dedicated to the high quality of made in Italy, which made Milan the capital of fashion and design.