» ADI - Associazione per il disegno industriale per il Concorso Capucci per i giovani designer
» Milano, Palazzo Morando: Mostra / evento "Roberto Capucci per i giovani designer. Oltre (a)gli abiti - Il design prende una nuova piega"



The no profit Association “Moda e Modi” launches the contest  ”Roberto Capucci for young designers. Beyond clothes – Design takes a new turn”. The competition consists of young fashion and design talents trying to create models inspired by sculpture-dresses of Capucci. The creations will be shown in the Salone del Mobile Show ( 9-14 April 2013). They will be exposed together with 50 original sketches of Roberto Capucci and with the clothes indicated as inspiration for the young stylists. The aim of this exibhition is to compare the creativity of Master Capucci with the talent of new young designers, inspired by his work . The relation and exchange between fashion and design will be also evaluated either as a study of shapes and either as a research tool.


This contest is promoted from The Association No Profit “Moda e Modi”, based in Milan (20133), Via E. Noë, 24. Tel e Fax: +39 02 3656 1125. Website: Email:


The young participants will have the possibility to analyze images of sculpture-dresses of Capucci chosen from the organizers as a source of inspiration for their creations. It will be about scripts inspired by lines and shapes created by Master Capucci and the use of the colour as a main feature of his work. The new designers will reinterpret the tailoring techniques of plissé and the architectonical lines of Capucci’s clothes. Designers could create furnitures, objects or fashion accessories; fashion designers could create sculpture dresses using only untraditional materials; designers could be inspired by the use of colour characterizing Capucci’s dresses.


Young designers aged between 18 and 35 years old could join the competition. Each designer can produce only one piece or a project composed by more pieces connected each other. It is possible to join the competition as an individual or in a group of two or three people. Projects could be:

  • Design objects
  • Furniture
  • Fashion accessories
  • Jewels
  • Sculpture dresses in unconventional materials (for example paper, plastic…)
  • Textile prints

Designers are free to use any kind of material or technique.


The contest officially starts on the 1st June 2012 and closes on the 30th October 2012. Within the 30th October, participants should send to the mail address the form and a personal book of three pages, size A4 (max 1MB). In case of a group of participants, the team leader should fill the form, adding after his surname the caption: (Team leader). Then the team leader will send an email to communicating the names of the other members of his group and their personal data. Concerning the book, the team will show just one book containing a selection of works of the members of the group.

Within the 30th November participants should send to the address a pdf document (size A1, 300 dpi) reconstructing the concept of the project and a paper (size A4, max 3 pages, pdf)  explaining the project and its inspiration. The pdf of the project needs to have the name of the project itself and the name of the designer on the right top. The pdf should have also a photo of the sketch/rendering/collage that represents the project and Roberto Capucci’s clothes.

Within the 31st December 2012 the organization will communicate which projects will be admitted at the contest and how to realize them. Within the 10th March 2013 participants will send their complete works realized according to the Jury’s suggestions and the  paper with the name of the designer and the name of his work.

Whitin the 31st March 2013 the organization will announce the works that will be exposed at the event. The winners of the contest will be communicated at the opening of the exhibition.


The projects will be shown to the Committee of the event. The president will be Roberto Capucci and the rest of the jury will be composed by representatives of the Associazione Moda e Modi, representatives of the cultural and university fashion and design world.The judgement is unquestionable.There is no possibility of appeal.

The criteria of the evaluation will take into consideration the following details:

  • It needs to be visible that  young designers have taken inspiration and refer to Capucci’s style and clothes.
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Precision in executing the final project.

The young designers  will have a big chance of visibility and will show their talent during this big event, attended by many famous different companies.


By filling the form, participant will accept all the rules written in the announcement. In the absence of  required information, the application will be rejected.

Jury’s judgement is unquestionable. Every possibility of appeal is excluded. Works that will be sent should have an appropriate packaging, and the designers will have to pay shipping charges. The Association will not take responsibility in case of damage, alteration, fire, robbery or anything else during the entire period of the event. Designers could insure their works. Designers allow “Moda e Modi” Association and Roberto Capucci’s Foundation to take pictures of the works and of the papers, necessary to create the catalogue, to advertise the event, and every other form of communication and activity of the Organization. Pictures will be shown also on Youtube and Facebook. Designers will be of course nominated.

Every material that will be sent for the contest will not be given back, it will remain to the “Moda e Modi” Association. Participants allow “Moda e Modi” Association and Roberto Capucci’s Foundation to handle personal data under the law 675/96 (Privacy Law) and its alteration D. lgs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code). Every controversy will be discussed under the Italian law.

Participants’mail addresses will not be revealed or sold. Designers, talking about the contest, will have to say that the contest “Roberto Capucci for young designers.Beyond clothes – Design takes a new turn” is promoted by the Association “Moda e Modi”.