» ADI - Associazione per il disegno industriale per il Concorso Capucci per i giovani designer
» Milano, Palazzo Morando: Mostra / evento "Roberto Capucci per i giovani designer. Oltre (a)gli abiti - Il design prende una nuova piega"

About us

Management committee

President: Maria Caterina (Marinella) Calzona
Press office: Laura Ceni
Design and Fashion office: Alessandro Tonassi
Fashion and style consultant: Simona Como Bersani

Office of Coordination: Elisabetta Gallo

“Moda e Modi” Association. The no profit Association “Moda e Modi”, chaired by Maria Caterina Calzona, was born in 2004 and wants to make fashion an object of social and cultural examinations, going beyond its superficial features. The Association also wants to realize and coordinate cultural, artistic and technical activities, in order to encourage the development of critical and aesthetical sense, creativity and taste for quality, for pure beauty and for elegance. The online magazine “” was born in 2004 too and wants to be the “voice” of the Association. In only seven years, “Moda e Modi” collaborated with several institutions and with some of the most important Italian universities, for the creation and the development of cultural events and researches meant for a big audience and/or specialist of the field.  

Fondazione Capucci

Roberto Capucci’s Foundation. Roberto Capucci’s Foudation was born in 2005 with the aim of preserving and promoting the knowledge of Roberto Capucci’s work and his method through exhibitions, collaborations and events. With its archive that includes over 400 creations and a huge photographic heritage, the Foundation becomes a real platform to excite creativity and exchange between different artistic disciplines. The goals of the Foundation are: relaunching the italian tradition of refinement, style, passion for beauty; regaining craft’s identity and works; reconfirming the supremacy of quality and the importance of experimentation in fashion; identifying new artists and supporting their growth in the world of fashion; developing arts applied to objects where shape, material and manual skills are their essence and their main goals. The Foundation also develops a formative workshop program, which encourages the genesis of innovative ideas.  

rivista IMORE

 IMORE magazine. is an online magazine, addressed to general public, that wants to increase the value of person’s dignity in fashion, in costumes and in communication, promoting a new fashion’s culture. Its various sections allow people to follow fashion in its several involvements: philosophical, sociological, anthropological, economical and of costumes ones. That makes IMORE unique in survey of fashion communication. It’s appropriate defining it a “Magazine of fashion’s culture”, which perfectly translates “Moda e Modi” Association’s motto “For a culture of fashion, for a fashion of culture”. The magazine permanently took part in dedicated press, also with the appreciation from several fashion companies.